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der Blick aufs Mischpult

Studio X.1 is situated in the heart of Cologne, close to the cathedral and the central station.

The premises and the team from Studio X.1 allow feel-good full service productions, from music recordings to voice recordings to productions for advertisement and postproduction.

The team, under the technical direction of head engineer Henning Schmitz, provides references from over three decades of professional activity: charttopping music productions, awardwinning radio plays, international mastering, as well as numerous compositions for radio, film and television.

Find at Studio X.1 the perfect setting for recording music or voice, to mix and master your pre-recorded productions by competent hands, optimized for all purposes, or an experienced studio for dubbing.

 Studio X.1   *   Schmitz GbR   *   Grosse Budengasse 10   *   D -50667 Cologne   *  0049- 221 - 860 52 45   * studio@xdot1.com